awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

  • 可有流行或这种年轻的你和你的保护装备提供的安全存储;流行人群的人群,如果他们不了解人群的高级人群。必须将它们的安全隐患。将它们普遍存在于这种锁盒中是一种行为的方式
  • 由瑞金钢和防撬的大门,以确保实用性和实用性的安全性;可靠的高强度机构,以及几乎手动工具撬开精密的仪器
  • 保险箱和LED照明灯,可以立即打开地下保险箱,让您可以看到单手放气量放一根绳子,并且非常适合用枪来装箱,可以将头放在壁橱里、室内灯、办公室、地下室、卧室或任何其他方便使用的位置
  • 便携的设计方便方便,保险箱备用方便,无论您在家还是在方便都可以。它的小尺寸可以隐藏:在汽车座椅下、轮胎井中、按摩位置等。
  • 【优秀的客户服务】:如果对我们的产品有任何客户疑问或问题,请随时联系我们,我们的服务团队必须为您提供满意和解决方案。







外观尺寸:12*10*3.3 英寸
尺寸:9.6*6.3*2.4 英寸
重量:10 磅


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4 reviews for awesafe Gun Safe with Fingerprint Identification and Biometric Lock

  1. awesafe awesafe

    Works very well! Heavy duty. Someone complained in reviews that any fingerprint will open the box. It comes that way from the factory. But if one reads the instructions, it’s VERY easy to set it up to read only your fingerprint, and only your fingerprint will open it. You also can set up a four digit code, and 2 keys are provided that will open the box. There’s two heavy duty lag bolts that come with the kit and you can mount it. When you open the box a nice blue light illuminates for about 30 seconds. Comes with four double a batteries. Also, a pleasant surprise, I got a free gift of a nice set of ear muffs. Great Value, great quality. I love it.

  2. awesafe awesafe

    For a long time I’ve been keeping my home protection .40mm Sig Sauer locked in the case it came in and that case locked in a combination safe that was in a closet . This was mainly to prevent my son from finding it and having an accidental discharge. Unfortunately, that also meant that it would take way to long to get to it, if I really needed it. Now, with this gun case I have access security that is only one level deep. I was able to mount it on the wall in an out of the way, but convenient location. The ability to access it with the fingerprint reader or using the four key pin code makes accessing the box quick and easy. In addition. the spring action door also makes getting to your gun and even quicker/easier process. There’s not a lot of space, but my gun, two loaded magazines fits perfect. The case is sturdy and heavy for its size.

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